Hi Bibliophiles,
Welcome to Books That Saved My Life, the site features essays and interviews by and with writers, artists and others about books that saved them in one way or another.  The first issue launched on September 27th, in honor of the start of ALA’s Banned Books Week.  The idea is to celebrate books as lifesaving rather than “dangerous.”
What with politicians’  “rhetorical” interest in banning books and pernicious anti-privacy laws (beginning with the Patriot Acts and most recent FISA bill) we wanted to create a place for people to celebrate those dangerously subversive books that get so many people’s panties in a bunch as well as a place to read interesting, passionate stories about the books we love.
If you have pieces about books that changed your life I hope you’ll send them in.   Email submissions to  montanawojczuk@gmail.com.
Click here for more info on Banned Books Week and here for a list of most challenged books/authors of 2008.
Montana Wojczuk

Art by Mathew McFarren

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Charles McNair on said:

    Montana, this site feels important and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. I’ll drop in as often as possible. Thanks for the energy and smarts you’ve brought to the subject of banned books.

    The vitality of literature is most certainly validated when censors see it as a threat. A banned book seems to me always a book worth reading.

  2. Montana,

    I will be sure to stop back often. Thank you for your participation in this important work.

    “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. ”
    — Joseph Alexandrovitch Brodsky

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